PDI Informational and Training Presentations

The Plumbing and Drainage Institute specializes in providing information and training on the usage and installation of Grease Interceptors and Water Hammer Arresters.  The following presentations are currently available:

  • Trans Fats: What is FOG?  How does it break down?  Where does it come from? What are Trans Fats and Zero Trans Fats oils?  (30 Minutes)

  • SSO, Sanitary Sewer Overflows: Responsibility, EPA violations and enforcement.  FOG role in SSO's.  (30 Minutes)

  • Myths and Facts: Discusses common misunderstandings on Grease and Grease Interception such as effects of over sizing interceptors and hot water on grease separations, cleaning frequency.  (30 Minutes)

  • Capturing the Grease: Best management practices for capturing grease and oil before it enters the drain.  Operation of Gravity and Hydro Mechanical Grease Interceptors, sizing and installation of interceptors, Plumbing Code requirements, UPC and IPC are also covered.  (60 Minutes)

  • Questions and Answers: This presentation hits on all the important points from all the presentations.  It is a question and answer format.  This can be used as a wrap up with the other presentations or as a "stand alone" presentation where the attendees have prior knowledge of Grease and Grease Interception.  (45 Minutes)

If your organization would like to schedule a PDI program for your membership or if we can provide any professional assistance with your educational program, please contact the Institute.